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Climbing Mount Everest -

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Climbing Mount Everest -

For many climbers, Mt Everest is the most important goal and a dream come true. However, such a trip is not for everyone. Participants must take into account that during the nearly 60-day trip they may be exposed to extreme heights and the resulting health problems, high stress or low temperatures. Therefore, before setting off to the Himalayas, it is important to undergo a few months of training aimed directly at high mountain climbing with a load in the form of luggage or oxygen cylinders.

By choosing the best Nepalese Asian Trekking organizer, the goal of climbing Mount Everest can be realistically achieved. The company specializes in Himalayan treks and climbing the highest mountains. During its 40-year existence on the market, it has successfully completed over 300 expeditions to Mt. Everest. Customers can count on covering most costs, fees, as well as the possibility of renting equipment, such as oxygen cylinders. During the expedition, the participants are accompanied by experienced Sherpas who have covered the route many times.

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